Years 12 & 13

IB Diploma - Years 12 & 13

Dulwich College (Singapore) is proud to be introducing the IB Diploma Programme into the Sixth Form starting in the 2018-19 academic year. The programme will build upon the challenging and enriching learning environment that we have created as part of our three-year IGCSE courses. It will present a fantastic opportunity for our students to learn in a College that has strong foundations and is part of an experienced family of schools.

The IB Diploma programme lasts two years. Students will be counselled before entry into the IB Diploma Programme so that they make appropriate subject choices  in terms of breadth and balance, and most importantly to give them a strong pathway to their future ambitions. Entry is selective and will involve looking at students' predicted grades alongside transcripts and references, tests and a one-to-one interview with either the IB Diploma Coordinator or the Head of Senior School.

Students will select three Standard Level (SL) and three Higher Level (HL) subjects from the following six groups:

Group 1 - Studies in Language and Literature (A)    

This is the study of a language at mother tongue level. Students study the language through the lens of literature and examine the specific use of language in different genres.

  • Mandarin Language and Literature (SL/HL)
  • English Language and Literature (SL/HL) 
  • Self-Taught Literature Course (SL) in other mother tongue languages by agreement

Group 2 - Language Acquisition (B)

This is the study of a second language - learning to speak, listen, read and write. There are three levels: Ab Initio for beginners or those with up to two years' experience, SL for those with over two years' experience, and HL for those with over two years' experience, but normally three to five years' experience.   

  • German Ab Initio (SL) •    
  • Mandarin Ab Initio (SL), Mandarin B (SL), Mandarin B (HL) •    
  • Spanish B (SL), Spanish B (HL) •    
  • French B (SL), French B (HL)

Group 3 - Individuals and Societies

Students can choose from a variety of subjects in the Humanities and Social Sciences. 

  • History (SL/HL) 
  • Geography (SL/HL)    
  • Economics(SL/HL)     
  • Psychology (SL/HL)   
  • Information Technology in a Global Society (SL/HL)

Group 4 - Sciences

Students can choose from a variety of traditional lab-based and creative sciences.

  • Biology (SL/HL) 
  • Chemistry (SL/HL)    
  • Physics (SL/HL)
  • Computer Science (SL/HL) 
  • Design and Technology (SL/HL)    
  • Sports Exercise and Health Science (SL/HL)

Group 5 - Mathematics

Mathematics courses are offered at three levels.

  • Maths Studies (SL)  
  • Maths (SL)     
  • Maths (HL)

Group 6 - The Arts/Elective

Students may select their sixth subject from the Arts, or from one of the other five groups. 

  • Visual Arts (SL/HL)    
  • Theatre Arts (SL/HL)     
  • Music (SL/HL)
  • Another subject from group 3 or 4

*All courses depend on sufficient student numbers choosing each option.

Academics are very important to us and we will ensure that students are supported to achieve their full potential through a programme of support, feedback and target setting that will enable them to take independent control of their own learning. Our Global Skills programme in the years preceding the IB Diploma will lay the bedrock for the Approaches to Learning skills that they will need to succeed in their IB Diploma.

The sixth form IB Diploma experience will go beyond a focus on high grades. The students will have many outstanding opportunities for involvement in activities outside the curriculum, music and drama festivals, as well as sports tournaments.

Students who have completed the IGCSE will already be used to recording, monitoring and reflecting on their co-curricular activities through the use of ManageBAC. The College will continue to offer an extensive range of activities to IB students, with support from our CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) Coordinator. Students will be responsible for initiating and lead their own CAS projects both locally and globally.

Dulwich College (Singapore) prides itself on being an international school with a British independent school ethos. Students will be provided with strong community and pastoral support through their form tutor, Heads of Year and IB Diploma Coordinator. Every student will be part of a House-based tutor group. The IB Diploma students will be encouraged to take up leadership roles, not only to become role models, but also to take responsibility for the direction of the College and its students. House identity supports the development of teamwork and results in healthy competition across the College in a variety of different areas such as performance and sport. 

University Entrance

Dulwich College International IB Diploma students go on to study at the most prestigious universities around the world. The Sixth Form pastoral team and University Counsellor will support students to focus on academic excellence and guide them to gaining entrance to the universities and colleges of their choice.