Years 7 & 8

In Year 7 and 8 students experience a Dulwich-enhanced version of the English National Curriculum. Subject specialists deliver courses that prepare students for the challenge of IGCSE courses which start in Year 9; a year earlier than most schools. We also support those students returning to the UK to sit the 13 + Common Entrance for Independent Schools through our curriculum as well as providing out of lesson support where needed.

Essential IB-related skills such as communication, enquiry, collaboration and independence are continually developed within Senior School. Students will be assessed not only in their written work but also through presentation and speaking activities, where students are encouraged to share their perspectives with their peers and demonstrate their understanding orally. They spend time developing their research skills in science, geography and history in liaison with our Senior School Librarian. Creative and innovative learning is encouraged in all subjects. Drama, design technology, art and computing are taught in eight week blocks allowing in–depth collaborative projects, for example, Drama Showcases performances.

A modern foreign language (French, German or Spanish) is selected in Year 7 to compliment our students continued study of Mandarin. Student's IT and self-management skills will further develop as homework tasks and subject specific support and extension materials are accessible through Firefly, the school’s online learning platform.

Student welfare is a top priority with a House-based tutor system in which tutors are able to support students while also allowing them to develop their independence, empathy for their peers and self-reflection skills as they establish their identity as young adults. House identity and the development of a healthily competitive approach to a wide variety of inter-House events is strongly encouraged.  Form tutors will regularly meet students to review their academic performance, support them in their Study Skills and help them set personalised targets to achieve their full potential.

In line with the College ethos there is an emphasis on community, with all Year 7 students involved in a service project assisting DUCKS children as they arrive at school and helping them in their learning. Year 8 students are given the opportunity to mentor some of their peers in the Junior School. The broad, enriched learning environment in Years 7 and 8 that we create combined with a highly personalised student support system aims to ensure that by the end of Year 8 students are confident, articulate, reflective, well-organised and happy to be in school as they embark on their IGCSE programme in Year 9.