Years 9 to 11

The challenging and enriching learning environment that we create in Years 9 to 11, both inside and outside the classroom, aims to prepare students for the challenges of IGCSE exams at the end of Year 11 and the IB Diploma at the start of Year 12.

All students study Mathematics, English Literature, English Language, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, and have a choice of four other subjects. Students are counselled to help them choose the most appropriate subjects in terms of breadth and balance.

The courses are taught over a period of three years rather than the traditional two; this allows for the development of core skills across the curriculum that will allow our students to learn to the best of their ability, while leaving time for important enrichment activities to be integrated into the learning experience. The development of research, self-management, thinking, communication and social skills are as important as the knowledge gained.

Students are supported in their endeavours by a strong team of teachers and support staff. Student well-being is a priority for all of the staff at Dulwich College (Singapore), and this translates into personalised and appropriate support for the individual students in our care. Every student is part of a House-based tutor group; involvement with these groups helps to develop the social and emotional skills of our students. Their House identity supports the development of teamwork skills and results in healthy competition across the school in a variety of different areas.

College Counselling, emotional counselling and our nursing services are important elements of our student welfare and support.

Opportunities for involvement in activities outside the curriculum are outstanding. Our co-curricular activity programme is extensive and students can choose from a variety of options under the broad headings of academics, sports, performance and service. All students are involved in our CCA programme at some level, and this broadens their school experience and supports the development of important social skills.

Outdoor education is important and all students are expected to attend yearly camp trips. These involve several days off-site and are designed to challenge our students and move them out of their comfort zones. The Year 10 camp also incorporates the beginning of the National Youth Achievement Award (similar to the Duke of Edinburgh's Award), in which we expect all students to participate.

Our programme in Years 9 to 11 helps our students to develop the confidence, independence and self-awareness necessary to continue to learn successfully beyond Year 11.