Co-curricular activities, House competitions, Student Action Groups, Student Council and community service projects are just some of the ways that students are able to enrich their learning at Dulwich College (Singapore).

We believe that embedding enrichment opportunities into the fabric of learning widens the opportunities that promote our values and enables learners to try new things and discover new talents, while developing existing interests and skills.
- Stephen Honey, Enrichment | Junior School

As well as the activities mentioned above, we also provide opportunities for students to engage with partner organisations to extend their learning and develop essential study skills. Dedicated Enrichment Days also present students with the chance to deepen their understanding and explore a range of inter-disciplinary global themes. By capturing, celebrating and reflecting on the activities they have been involved with, the students also build a personal enrichment profile that reflects both their range of experiences and personal development as they grow through the school.

Enrichment is best described as our 'enhanced curriculum'; the provision of opportunities for students to explore new interests, broaden their range of skills and experiences, develop existing talents and hopefully, discover their element.
- Dominic Massarella, Assistant Head | Enrichment