Learning Beyond the Classroom

Co-curricular activities, House competitions, student action groups, student council and community service projects are just some of the ways in which students are able to enrich their learning at Dulwich College (Singapore) (DCSG). Students are also provided with opportunities to engage with partner organisations to extend their learning and develop essential study skills. Dedicated enrichment days also present students with the chance to deepen their understanding and explore a range of inter-disciplinary, global themes. By capturing, celebrating and reflecting on the activities in which they have been involved, the students also build a personal enrichment profile, which reflects both their range of experiences and personal development as they grow through the College.


Our co-curricular activity (CCA) programme provides a wealth of opportunity for students to develop a passion for, and develop their skills in, a full range of sports, performing arts and academic enrichment activities. At Dulwich College (Singapore) there are over 300 CCAs on offer for students from Year 2 to Year 13. CCA categories are broken down into four sections: activities, academic, creative and service. Students can participate in a wide range of activities from rock climbing to cooking, book club to board games in Mandarin and Scouts/Guides to drama productions and coding. There is something for everyone. 

House System 

Students at Dulwich College (Singapore) each belong to one of four Houses with their own colour: Shackleton (green), Mandela (blue), Earhart (purple) and Lee (red). Each House is named after a pioneering leader from Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia-Pacific – Sir Ernest Shackleton, intrepid polar explorer and Dulwich alumnus; Amelia Earhart, aviation pioneer; Nelson Mandela, anti-apartheid campaigner and Lee Sun Chau, doctor and pioneer for women in the medical field.

Across the College, our House system builds a sense of community within the student body and helps to develop students’ leadership and teamwork skills. Our House captains are elected by their peers and, together with the House representatives, are responsible for helping to foster a team spirit and instilling a sense of pride throughout the House. They also ensure new students joining the College are looked after and made to feel welcome within their form group and the House as a whole.

Students regularly represent their House in a range of Inter-House competitions linked to music, sports, drama, art and academic enrichment. In addition, House points are awarded for high quality work and positive contributions in the classroom, as well as for demonstrating our values around the College. Global citizenship is also at the heart of our House system with each of our Houses representing and raising awareness of global issues and the United Nations Global Goals for substainable development. This gives students the opportunity to collaborate with other students from across year groups, work closely with staff outside of their lessons, gain leadership experience and make a real impact by running events and projects for their peers. 


Student Leadership 

There has been a long history of students forming leadership groups within Dulwich dating back to the first student societies created in Dulwich College in London back in 1874. In line with the belief that ‘Students Come First’, Dulwich College (Singapore) is continuing this tradition with a strong focus on Student Leadership and nurturing students to ‘Live Worldwise’ with the skills, leadership experience and values which will make them happy, successful and engaged members of society when they leave school. There is a plethora of student leadership opportunities throughout the College, coupled with an extensive range of enrichment opportunities. Starting from a young age, children are encouraged to take on responsibilities within the classroom, as well as more formal leadership roles ranging from House Captains and Student Council Representatives to Community and Sporting Ambassadors, right up to Head Girl and Head Boy.  


In DUCKS, it is the student councillors, House captains, eco  warriors and class 'techsperts' who lead, support and  organise activities and events throughout the year.  Additionally, we encourage all students to take on daily  responsibilities, such as being a playground buddy. This  helps to provide a positive and purposeful school and  classroom environment.   

Junior School 

We believe that student leaders have an impact on the  school by motivating others, and collaborating with their  teams and peers to continually improve their school.  Building on the leadership experience in DUCKS, the Junior  School expands the following areas of student leadership:  voice, service and academic. Voice ambassadors are made  up of the school council which is led by the Head Girl and  Head Boy as well as House Captains and House Reps.  Service ambassadors include: sustainability, welcome  buddies, community, librarians, creative and sports  ambassadors. Academic ambassadors include: technology,  Mandarin, music, reading and learning ambassadors.   

Senior School 

In Senior School, guided by a teacher mentor, our student  action groups are established to enable student voice and  involvement in a range of key school issues. Students meet  weekly to support the development of a range of projects  including sport/CCAs, community projects, events and  facilities development, technology, the environment and  gender equality. Our student council is the link between the  student body, staff and the wider College community. As  well as being leaders in the classroom, the student council  members also have the opportunity to propose new  initiatives which will improve life at DCSG from a student's  perspective. The Senior School student House teams are  led by House captains with the assistance of House  representatives for each tutor group. 


Outdoor Education

At Dulwich College (Singapore) we believe   that education goes beyond books, bricks   and mortar. The Outdoor Education   Programme has been carefully constructed to   nurture inter and intra-personal growth,   transferable to and beyond the classroom,   ensuring that students graduate worldwise.   Our mission is to develop creativity through   exploration, build resilience through   challenge and foster environmental,   individual and social responsibility through   journey, adventure and interaction.  

Outdoor Education experiences are an   essential part of the curriculum at Dulwich   College (Singapore), and the programme is   designed specifically to meet the curriculum   needs of each year group, at the same time as   suitably challenging students based on their   age and previous experiences. This means a   tailored programme has been designed by   year group from the age of seven (Year 2) all   the way through to the IB Diploma   Programme.  

From the age of seven (Year 2) students start   the journey with an overnight sleepover at the   College. As they reach Junior School,   students begin to experience expeditions,   which range from an overnight stay at the zoo   in Year 3, to a three-night expedition to   Malaysia in Year 6. When students reach   Senior School, outdoor education   expeditions represent a progression of skills   development and present opportunities to   engage in creativity, action and service-based   experiences. These include trekking in   Borneo and Japan, adventure programmes in   Malaysia and Thailand, as well as   sustainability and service-focused projects in   a variety of regional and global locations.    

Junior School
Senior School

Community Service

Various community service action projects give students the opportunity to reach out    and contribute to the communities around them. Our students are encouraged to create a supportive, aware and sensitive environment within the College and have set up an all-inclusive community service programme from DUCKS through to Senior School. In addition, the student action group collaborates with Magic Bus and our UWS school in Cambodia, as well as organising fundraising events and raising awareness of different local and international charities. They meet every Tuesday lunchtime to discuss their ideas and see what they can do to improve the community around them.   

DUCKS and Junior School
Senior School
The Good Schools Guide
Linking with the local community is also a fundamental part of College life. It is not just that members of the local senior citizen home are invited to watch school productions and engage with students (incidentally, a lovely opportunity for younger years to practice their Mandarin) or that older students volunteer in a local nursery school. Actively engaging as a responsible global citizen is part of the Dulwich education.
- The Good Schools Guide, UK's Number One Schools Guide