Personalised Pathways

Personalised Pathways represents the opportunity for students to follow a path that reflects individual choice, ability and personality, with enrichment opportunities both in and outside of school subjects. This starts in Early Years with the aim of learning being child-led, child-initiated and interest driven. Through child-led play, children develop their knowledge and skills at their own pace, navigating their own learning paths, guided by the teacher. The curriculum is designed in a way that promotes ‘voice and choice’ with learning opportunities woven around the areas of interest identified. Encouraging students to be the ‘agents’ of their own learning fosters knowledge acquisition and retention. 




This continues as students move through Junior and Senior School. At I/GCSE level, students now have a greater variety of options beyond the core subjects, including Film, Drama, Dance, Art, Design Technology, Physical Education, Food & Nutrition, Business Studies and Economics. Mandarin is taught at three levels: as a foreign language, as a second language and as a first language to cater for all abilities. First language arrangements also exist for European languages. At IB level new subjects such as Philosophy and Global Politics are being introduced. Students from Year 2 also have access to over 300 Co-Curricular activities that can be enjoyed throughout the school day.


Other examples of Personalised Pathways include the Outdoor Education programme (including the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award) and the Ignite! programme for students wishing to excel in sport, music or the performing arts. The annual Dulwich Challenge pin is awarded to those students who demonstrate a high level of commitment to the College in areas beyond academia, showing that they are preparing themselves to make a difference in the world.