The Honourable Alexandra Shackleton Visits Dulwich College (Singapore)

Last month, Dulwich College (Singapore) was honoured to welcome the Honourable Alexandra Shackleton, explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton’s only granddaughter, to the College. Not only was this an incredibly enriching experience for students who got to hear presentations, ask questions and conduct interviews with Ms Shackleton, it was also very special for those students who are part of Shackleton House.

As part Dulwich College International’s Shackleton Lecture Series, the Honourable Alexandra Shackleton has visited every College in the network to talk about her grandfather’s legacy. She has visited the Antarctic five times, the Arctic twice and the Falkland Islands nine times. She is the life-president of the James Caird Society, which was founded to honour Sir Ernest Shackleton and provide information about his expeditions.

During the day there were many student presentations which were held in The Alleyn Theatre and all were eager to hear Ms Shackleton’s stories of her grandfather’s expeditions and what it was what like for him and his team to travel to Antarctica. 

Ms Shackleton shared information about her grandfather’s leadership and determination to survive the endeavours they faced during the exploration. There was a question and answer session held in every presentation which gave students the opportunity to ask questions such as: “What would your grandfather think about the fact that Dulwich College in London and Singapore named a House after him?” and “How has your family motto had an impact on your life?”. At one point, Ms Shackleton herself asked the students some trivia about why they think the Shackleton House colour is green. The answer: Because green is the national colour of Ireland and Ireland is the birthplace of Sir Ernest Shackleton. 

A particularly memorable highlight of the day was when all of the 550 Shackleton House students and Heads of House gathered on the field and had an aerial photo taken with Ms. Shackleton. 

Students from The Dulwich Times were also privileged to have a chance to meet and interview Ms. Shackleton and one student in particular commented “The interview with the Honourable Alexandra Shackleton was very insightful. It was a great opportunity and it inspired me to be more adventurous.” 

Ms. Shackleton continues to nurture her grandfather’s legacy and over the past 25 years she has spoken at a wide range of important and memorable events and hosted lectures and meetings across the world. We were honoured to host Ms. Shackleton at the Dulwich College (Singapore) and will continue to celebrate her grandfather’s life as a College through the many House activities and events which take place throughout the year.