Community Day at Dulwich College (Singapore)

Last week, we had a whole College Enrichment Day, with a range of activities taking place both at the College and in the wider Bukit Batok community. 

Every student participated in College-based and local projects, meeting members of the community and external organisations such as Dignity Kitchen and Sunbeam Children’s Home. Not only did the students have the opportunity to give back to the community, they also furthered their knowledge in marine conservation, wider environmental issues, and topics closer to home such as local religions and cultural awareness.

In DUCKS, children were given the opportunity to ‘give back’ to the cleaners, security guards, chefs and nurses who help them every day. They held a car wash for parents and teachers, cleaned the corridors, helped the security guards and made biscuits. Some of the activities that the Junior School participated included visiting the local Sattha Puchaniyaram Buddhist Temple and a local HDB to learn more about the amenities available to the residents. The data gathered was then used to design welcome information for families new to the area.

Senior School students engaged in a variety of fundraising and service focused activities. Year 7 ran an inspiring joint distance of almost eight loops of Singapore, around the school field. They were joined by DUCKS who ran to support the students, achieving an additional distance of over two laps of Singapore. The Year 7s successfully raised over $2,000SGD for the Children's Society. Year 9 students created a soft reading area, musical instruments, redesigned a bathroom area and developed mathematics resources as part of their ‘Community Service Enterprise’ project for Sparkletots Centre, a childcare centre in Bukit Batok.

A highlight of the day was local MP Mr Murali and his team, introducing the history of Bukit Batok and leading students through a journey that gave them a real insight into the local community, from granite quarries in the 1950s to the beautiful neighbourhood that we have today.

Overall, the day was not only exciting and full of activity, it was also a fantastic way for our students to take part in enriching experiences outside of the classroom. Enrichment at the College has a key focus and this is one of the many enrichment opportunities and days available to the students throughout the year. You can learn more about the enrichment at Dulwich College (Singapore) here