Community projects at Dulwich College (Singapore) reach new heights

There was lots of community service projects that the students at Dulwich College (Singapore) actively participated in during the first term of the 2017-18 academic year.

DUCKS completed the Service Hero’s project with a local women’s refuge, which included them being the first group of Children to apply for and be awarded money from the Global Citizen Fund. This is a fund that is raised by and coordinated by FOD, and is available for students, parents and staff to apply for money throughout the year to fund community projects. The money awarded to the students allowed them to buy essential products for the women at the refuge centre and distribute them in the most economical and environmentally friendly way. This allowed the students to gain and hone many new skills along the way.

The Junior School Community Ambassadors introduced the Global Citizen Fund (GCF) to the rest of the Junior School and even ran a GCF logo competition. The Junior School also used the GCF money for the first time, which was used to buy books for less fortunate children in Cambodia and also at the Arcs Children Centre in Singapore.

Finally, Senior School have been focused on the kindness theme with Year 7 giving presents to children at the Sunbeam House, Year 8 have been busy making Christmas Cards to say thank you to the support and catering staff at the College and Years 10 and 11 were our Christmas Elves helping to decorate the DUCKS classrooms with a festive theme.