Dulwich College (Singapore) Holds Biggest Drama Production Ever

Nearly 120 Senior School students graced the stage of The Alleyn Theatre last week to perform The Wolves Of Willoughby Chase for over 1000 students, parents and staff with many more helping behind the scenes. Beautiful staging and lighting and exceptional talent made the performance spectacular.

The audience watched as Bonnie and Sylvia, two young cousins trapped in an old country house, struggled against the torment and torture of the adults around them. When the cousins finally managed to escape the clutches of Mrs Slighcorp, applause filled the auditorium. 

Dulwich College (Singapore) prides itself on its approach to student involvement and this was clear to see in The Wolves of Willoughby Chase, with full responsibility being handed over to the students during the performance. Over half of the production team was made up of students in Years 7 to 12, with one student being solely responsible for the choreography of the show and others helping with make-up, stage management and tech. And once the curtain rose, everything - stage management, lighting, sound, music and, of course, acting - was run entirely by students in Years 7 to 9.

For the final performance, VIP guests including the College Leadership Team, Director of Schools at Dulwich College International, Marc Morris, and Master of Dulwich College in London, Joe Spence were in attendance. 

Congratulations must go to the drama department and all students involved for directing such an outstanding piece of drama. Do go to our Facebook page to see live footage and photos.