Dulwich College (Singapore) Holds Third Junior School Symposium

Last term, Dulwich College (Singapore) held its third ever Junior School Symposium. The event, which is also held at Dulwich College in London, was of the theme “Conflict and Resolution”. This day of enrichment involved every single student in the Junior School having an off-timetable day of enhanced learning. From pushing boundaries to fascinating exploration and from developing friendships to overcoming challenges, the experiences on offer were rich and exciting. The day had a focus on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and maths) with many of the activities encouraging students to solve problems, participate in debates and create their own solutions. Dulwich College (Singapore) takes enrichment seriously, considering it part of the “enhanced curriculum”. This means that students are forever being given opportunities to explore new interests and broaden their range of skills and experiences. Dedicated enrichment days, like the Junior School Symposium, allow students to deep dive into these experiences and inspire a love for learning.  

The day started with an outstanding dance performance from dance group ‘Urban Steps’, which was held on the stage of The Alleyn Theatre. Meanwhile, Senior School science teachers performed some mind-blowing science tricks for other students to enjoy. Every activity was planned with the theme of ‘Conflict and Resolution’ in mind. Other activities ranged from Mission Impossible themed problem solving to brainstorming ways to overcome a natural disaster. In the session ‘Blast Off’, Years 3 and 4 crafted plastic rockets in teams, which they then launched to learn about aerodynamics. ‘Swimming Spheros’ allowed the student groups to create a tool that would enable ball robots to float successfully in a water tank. Years 5 and 6 gained an understanding of the use of code as a way of communication during conflicts in ‘Smash the Code’. 

Urban Steps performs in The Alleyn Theatre

Other students had the opportunity to take part in art and drama workshops which all focused on dealing with conflict and leading to resolution. In an activity called 'The Biscuit Game', students learned how countries fight over resources and the relevance of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In ‘What are our rights as children’, they created photography representing human rights. More active activities included exploring the theme of conflict and resolution through body movements, synchronised swimming and running activities.  

Dulwich College (Singapore) is proud to be part of a network of ten international schools and works closely with Dulwich College in London. Dulwich College in London celebrated this day of enrichment in the same week. To celebrate, each College made a film of the day, and students viewed each one at the end of the day. Opportunities like this allow students to explore activities outside of the curriculum, be creative and gain valuable skills. They instill and inspire a love of learning and a desire to achieve. 

Blast Off