Dulwich College (Singapore) Students Fix Wheelchairs For the Community

Every term, students at Dulwich College (Singapore) have the opportunity to be a part of a wheelchair fixing CCA in which they take in old, rusty and broken wheelchairs from Kampung Sepang Foundation, fix them up and give them back. Kempung Sepang Foundation is a charity which fixes old wheelchairs and gives them to people who need them but cannot afford them. This term, students took three wheelchairs which the charity were going to get rid of because they were too old and damaged, and spent hours removing rust from the wheelchairs. Some parts had to be made completely from scratch as they were so old that they were beyond repair. One such part were the arm rests. They then had to reupholster the seats and back, after which the wheelchairs were then reassembled and spray-painted nice, bright colours. Who says wheelchairs have to look boring?