Helen Robinson photo

Helen Robinson

Assistant Teacher (Year 4C)


  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Social Sciences (Psychology), Glasgow Caledonian University, UK
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Education, Primary, University of Strathclyde, UK
  • Master of Arts in Teaching English to Young Learners, University of York, UK


Relevant Experience

Helen Robinson joined Dulwich College in August 2019. She has resided in Singapore for 16 years. During this time she has worked as a teacher at other international schools in Singapore.

She started her career working for schools in East Renfrewshire and Glasgow City Councils before starting a full time position as a teacher on the Glasgow Asylum Seekers Support Programme teaching students the Scottish Curriculum and English and helping them to adapt to life away from their mother countries. 

n her spare time Helen likes to travel, keep fit and enjoys snowboarding with her family on winter holidays. 

Helen is joined at Dulwich by her two children.

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