Friends of Dulwich


Friends of Dulwich is an integral and supportive part of our community. All parents are members of the Friends of Dulwich and many parents choose to become active in the organisation. Parents can choose to serve on the Friends of Dulwich Committee, act as Class Parent Representatives, take part in social activities, or volunteer to help with the many charitable events sponsored by Friends of Dulwich.

Friends of Dulwich welcomes new families to the College and offers significant support to families settling into life at the College and in Singapore.

All parents are automatically members of the FoD, and if you are interested in getting more involved or have any questions please email

Friends of Dulwich is a volunteer organisation at the College that strives to enhance and enrich the Dulwich experience for all students and their families, and to support the College through:

  • Fostering a diverse, supportive, and tolerant community spirit among parents, students, teachers and staff at the college
  • Coordinating and organising activities, functions, information and services that promote and encourage such a spirit of community
  • Supporting and enhancing College programs, teachers and activities through facilitating and coordinating parent volunteers
  • Supporting and coordinating community events under the umbrella of the Dulwich International Schools Foundation, including student-led community events and various other events as identified by Friends of Dulwich
  • Generally to do all such other activities as the Friends of Dulwich may consider incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objectives of the Friends of Dulwich