Vision and Values

Our Vision and Purpose

Our guiding statements provide Dulwich College (Singapore) with the compass in which to base our decision-making and to ensure we remain focused on our students and the broader Dulwich community. The Vision, Mission and Values underpin a range of policies and form the parameters of our annual College Development Plan.

Our guiding statements include not only our vision, mission & values but also include our commitment to internationalism and global citizenship.


Students Come First When:

  • The College educates the whole child.
  • The College provides a safe, secure and stimulating environment.
  • The College recognises that we gain knowledge and understanding of the world by questioning and actively solving problems.
  • The College emphasises the benefits and responsibilities of working collaboratively together.
  • The College values awareness of the natural world and its resources.
  • The College prepares children to live their lives honestly with a spirit of respect for themselves and others.
  • The College understands that meaningful, lifelong learning involves taking risks.
  • The College challenges each child to be the best that they can be and supports them in this.

Learning is effective when:

  • It has a clear purpose
  • It is adapted and applied
  • It is personalised
  • It is relational