Admissions Overview

Thank you for your interest in joining Dulwich College (Singapore). We understand that choosing a school for your child is a decision not made lightly and our admissions team is here to help guide you through the application process. At any point you can contact us and we will be delighted to answer your questions or assist in any possible way.

We accept students of all nationalities who meet our academic entry requirements and admissions criteria. Applications are accepted throughout the year and if a student meets the entry requirements, but no space is available, they will be placed on a waiting list. In this section, you will find everything you need to know about the admissions process, assessment overview, fees, year group guidelines and required documentation.


Dulwich College (Singapore) can provide full boarding for students aged 16-18 who are studying in years 12 and 13 and who have families that reside outside Singapore.

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Admissions Criteria

We accept applications throughout the year. Students wishing to enrol into the College must hold a foreign passport. Singaporean citizens should review our admissions policy in order to establish whether their child will be eligible for admission to the College.

We enrol students who are likely to thrive in the College’s academic programme. Admissions are selective and the decision is based on official school transcripts, records, testing, and other evaluative procedures. We will explain all procedures to the parents of prospective students ahead of time.

We do not offer an additional curriculum to those with special learning needs. However, our team of learning support and EAL specialists may be able to provide support to students who find aspects of the curriculum challenging. Please refer to our language support policy and learning support policy for further information. 

To find out which year to apply for, please refer to our age placement guide. Please see below for the class ratio in each group.

Please review our admissions policy and additional documentation below for more information.

Application Fee Instructions

Application Fee

The Application Fee is strictly non-refundable and non-transferable except in the following circumstances:

1. Dulwich College (Singapore) is unable to offer a place to a student applicant due to denial of student pass or approval by the relevant Singapore authorities

2. Dulwich College (Singapore) is unable to offer a place to a student applicant due to waitlist of relevant year level and the student applicant elects not to be placed on the waitlist.

3. Student applicant elects to withdraw from the waitlist before Dulwich College (Singapore) makes a secure offer to the student applicant.

4. Student applicant does not meet eligibility criteria for enrolment at Dulwich College (Singapore)

The Application Fee will be refunded in full (minus Administrative Fee of S$500) in the event a student applicant cannot be accepted at Dulwich College (Singapore) for the reasons set out in 1) to 4) as determined by Dulwich College (Singapore) in its sole discretion.

Local Cheques

Please ensure that cheques are crossed and made payable to ‘Dulwich College (Singapore) Pte Ltd’. The eldest student's name and ID/Passport number should be clearly written on the back of the cheque, family name first, followed by given name. Please note that we do not accept cheques in foreign currency or post-dated cheques. Receipts will be issued via email upon cheque clearance.

Bank Transfer

The eldest student's name and ID/Passport number must be referenced on the transfer, family name first, followed by given name. Please also ensure that you email us your payment advice to Receipts will be issued via email upon receiving the transfer. Please note that any bank charges, including those in a foreign country, are to be borne by the remitter. Any difference between the amount received and the amount due will be debited/credited against tuition fees invoices.

•  Account Name:     Dulwich College (Singapore) Pte Ltd   

•  Bank Name:          Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Ltd

•  Branch:                  Main Branch    

•  Bank Address:       6 Battery Road, Singapore 049909 

•  Bank Account No: 0106836226   

•  Bank Code:           9496 

•  Swift Code:           SCBLSG22XXX 

Cash Payment

Cash payments can be made in person at our Bukit Batok address. Receipts will be issued immediately.

NETS/Credit/Debit Card 

Payment made via NETS/Credit/Debit Card can only be made via the finance counter in College, located at Junior School, level 2. We accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, JCB and UnionPay credit cards for payments.

Please note that all credit card transactions are subject to a non-refundable convenience fee of 3%.

Age Placement Guide

We offer an enhanced version of the English National Curriculum based on the General Certificate of Secondary Education and International General Certificate of Secondary Education syllabus over 3 years from Year 9 to Year 11 followed by the IB Diploma Programme and IB Career-related Programme in Year 12 and Year 13.

Other Useful Information

Additional Educational Needs (AEN)

Candidates with Additional Educational Needs (AEN) are accepted to the College on a case-by case basis. The needs of the child are considered alongside current levels of staffing, expertise and resources within the school. Dulwich College (Singapore) support is tailored to t the individual student, but in general ranges from individual education plans to supporting the curriculum in the classroom. We teach through small groups or by supporting in class depending on what is the most appropriate method for each student. The College will only admit those students for whom it can make adequate provision of support.


The decision to offer a place to a prospective student will be taken by the individual Head of School to which the student has applied. The Head of School will be supported by the Headmaster, the Director of Admissions & Marketing and the Head of Admissions.

Admission is based on academic evaluation and assessment (that will take place after an application has been submitted), English proficiency, past school records, teacher recommendations, and any diagnostic testing that will help the Admissions Committee to understand any special learning needs an applicant may have. Year level placement will be determined by the birth date of the applicant and his/her age at 1 September of that academic year.


Bus Information

Dulwich College (Singapore) contracts with an independent, local bus company Woodlands Transport Services (WTS) to run school buses. WTS has a eet of over 85 air-conditioned buses all equipped with two-way radio, surveillance camera and three-point retractable seat belts that provide safe and efficient service to Dulwich College (Singapore) students.

For further information please contact the Bus Office at:

+65 94550597 or email

Candidate Lists and Waiting Lists

An applicant will be placed on the Candidate List after the initial application has been received (a duly-signed and completed Application Form, all supporting documentation and the Application Fee). Arrangements will then be made for the appropriate assessment to be conducted. Assessments will be conducted no more than 12 months before an applicant's expected enrolment date. Once the Head of School has determined whether the applicant has met the entry requirements for DCSG, the candidate will be offered a place or, when there are no available places, be placed on a Waiting List in the order of date of application. The Waiting List rolls over each year so that the prioritisation of the applicants on the list is maintained. Parents of candidates remaining on the Waiting List may be contacted and asked to submit new supporting documents. Waiting List positions are not disclosed to parents. Priority on the Waiting List will be given to:

  • a child of a full-time faculty member
  • a child transferring from another Dulwich College
  • a qualied sibling of a current student who has completed the application process
  • The child of an Old Alleynian (OA) or International Old Alleynian (IOA)

Should a candidate withdraw from the waiting list before an offer of a place is made, they will be entitled to a refund of the application fee paid less $500 administrative charge.



If we do not offer an applicant a place at the College, this will be due to the fact that the student has shown through the College assessment process that they are unable to meet our entry requirements and/or that the College is not the right learning environment for them. Students are permitted to re-sit the assessment 6 to 12 months after initial assessment, at the discretion of the Head of School and/or Head of Admissions. The College is not under any obligation to release the results of the assessment tests. Should the candidate wish to withdraw rather than reassess, they are entitled to a refund of the application fee less $500.

Deferral & Non-Acceptance of Offer

If the applicant wishes to defer their place at Dulwich College (Singapore) after an offer of a place has been made, the College will permit one deferral for one academic year. The applicant’s place at the College for the new academic year is not guaranteed and will be subject to reassessment and availability. If the applicant declines the offer of a place, the application fee is non-refundable.

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

The College does not run specific or separate EAL programmes and applicants are expected to have a proficiency in English that allows them to access the curriculum. However, applicants that are being considered for admission and are identified as needing EAL support, will be asked to undergo assessment by an EAL teacher within the College. In Year 7 and 8, the offer of a place to an EAL-student for whom English is not their native tongue, will include supplementary EAL lessons which may determine their options in the IGCSE or IBDP years.

As English is the language of instruction at the College we require at least one parent to be fluent in English to support effective communication between the College and home. 

Guaranteed Placement Rights

Dulwich College (Singapore) offers a limited number of Guaranteed Placement Rights (GPR) each year. Each GPR entitles the holder to nominate one child for waitlist prioritisation with the College in any year group and at any time in the academic year for which an offer of a place is made, in exchange for a financial contribution to the College. The financial contributions received from the Guaranteed Placement Rights scheme directly contribute to the funding of the Alleynian Scholarship Programme.

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In order to be considered for enrolment, a student must be living at the same residence in Singapore with one or more parent or with a legal guardian who has been previously approved by Dulwich College (Singapore). The College reserves the right to refuse a candidate's application if we believe that the child is not/will not be living with parents or a legal guardian.


As one of the pre-requisites for application and subsequent enrolment, if the student is accepted, parents are required to submit vaccination records for Diphtheria and Measles as Dulwich College (Singapore) follows the mandatory requirement by the Ministry of Health as set out in the Fourth Schedule of the Infectious Diseases Act (Cap 137).

Offer of Place

Applicants accepted for admission must hold/obtain a valid FIN (Foreign Identication Number) number in order to enrol into Dulwich College (Singapore). Parents of successful candidates will receive a formal offer letter by email followed by the Student Contract and invoice. The Application Fee is non-refundable. The College does not release the results of assessment tests.

*The College has the right to revoke an offer that has been made at any point (before the student contract has been signed) if they have been made aware of any additional information that could affect the candidate meeting the College’s entry requirements.

Returning Students

Students who were enrolled at the College for one term or more and had to withdraw from the College due to family relocation will be considered for re-enrolment provided there is sufficient availability in the applicant’s year group. Applicants are required to submit a new application and may also be required to sit an assessment before placement is conrmed. Application Fee and Capital Levy would be waived under this situation. 

Applicants who declined an offer of a place are required to submit a new application should they wish to re-apply. The Application Fee is applicable at the current rate. Any Application Fee previously paid is forfeited.

Singapore Nationality / Singapore Passport Holders

A child is deemed to be a Singapore Citizen if they hold a Singapore passport or is a citizen of Singapore, regardless of whether they hold dual nationality. Singapore Citizens can only submit an application to attend Dulwich College (Singapore) if one or more of the following criteria is valid:

  • The child has a sibling attending the College at the intended time of enrolment
  • The child is moving from another Dulwich College
  • One of the child’s parents is an OA (Old Alleynian) or IOA (International Old Alleynian)
  • The child is moving from overseas and is above P1 age
  • The child is above P1 age and is already in possession of a Ministry of Education exemption if transferring from another school in Singapore

Once the College has agreed to offer the child a place, the College will apply to the Ministry of Education for an exemption. Please note that Singapore Citizens can only attend the College once the Ministry of Education has granted the exemption.

Student Pass

For Students requiring a Student Pass upon acceptance of the enrolment offer by the student, Admissions will apply for Student’s Pass via the ICA SOLAR + System. Admissions shall then inform students when the School has received the In-Principle Approval Letter (IPA) for the Student Pass, along with the following information:

  • Course Start Date
  • Medical Checkup (if applicable)
  • ICA Formalities and collection of student pass (when ready)

Note: Should the Student’s Pass application be rejected, an appeal would be submitted if requested so by the family. If the appeal is not successful, the admission process shall be terminated. The College will also offer refund of tuition fees/application fees upon approval by the College Leadership Team.