Placement Rights

Guaranteed Placement Rights 

Dulwich College (Singapore) offers a limited number of Guaranteed Placement Rights (GPR) each year.

Each GPR entitles the holder to nominate one child for waitlist prioritisation with the College in any year group and at any time in the academic year for which an offer of a place is made, in exchange for a financial contribution to the College. Prospective applicants must meet all prevailing admissions requirements and entrance criteria before a Guaranteed Placement Right may be issued. Placement Rights are available to both individuals and corporations and will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

The financial contributions received from the Guaranteed Placement Rights scheme directly contribute to the funding of the Alleynian Scholarship Programme. The Alleynian Scholarship allows eligible students to enjoy the benefits of a Dulwich education regardless of economic circumstance. 

Placement Rights Terms and Conditions

For more information on Guaranteed Placement Rights please contact Georgie Labram, Head of Admissions: [email protected]


A GPR will provide a student with waitlist prioritisation subject to meeting all prevailing admissions requirements and entrance criteria. A GPR will rank the child in front of all other applicants (except staff children) on a waitlist in any year group.

The cost for a Guaranteed Placement Right is SGD$250,000 (excluding GST). The Price is exclusive of school fees, capital levy and application fees.

Any individual or corporation may purchase a GPR providing the child meets all admissions requirements and entrance criteria. 

The holder of a GPR may not sell, trade, assign or transfer the GPR to any other person.

If you are interested in purchasing a GPR please contact Katy Killen, Head of Admissions: [email protected]