At Dulwich College (Singapore), sports and academic excellence go hand-in-hand, as students have the option to develop personalised pathways through sport and academic study, linking into their university and future career opportunities. In Senior School, students can elect to study Physical Education as a GCSE option (Years 9 to 11) and also Sports & Exercise Science at IB level (Years 12 to 13).

Underpinning all of our sporting endeavours is the notion of good sportsmanship and fair play, which applies to players, parents and coaches. This is encapsulated in our Dulwich College Singapore initials DCSG: Determined, Courageous, Skilful and Gracious. These behaviours define the individual character traits we nurture and develop through our sports programme.  Developing robust, responsible citizens through sport.


Dulwich College (Singapore) is known for its sporting prowess and has achieved much success in local and regional inter-school competitions. Equally important, is the College’s belief that, whilst still competing at the highest level, all students should have access to sport, regardless of ability – the chance to experience being part of a team, and the great camaraderie and development opportunities that affords.

Students can take part in many sports at Dulwich including football, rugby, touch rugby, netball, basketball, athletics, tennis, badminton, swimming, gymnastics, cricket and hockey. At Dulwich, if 100 students sign up to play football or netball, then we will field as many teams as we need to give everyone the chance to play. As part of the Dulwich College International network, students can be selected to take part in the Dulwich Games and the Dulwich Olympiad and also in external competitions such as those hosted by ACSIS (Athletic Conference of Singapore International Schools), FOBISIA (Federation of British International Schools in Asia) and other prestigious international competitions to ensure students are challenged and given an opportunity at every level.


Ignite! Exceptional Performance Development Programme

High performing sports students seeking to play to the highest standards have the ability to further develop their talents through Ignite! which shapes ambition into real goals through physical development, lifestyle management, technical and tactical progression and cognitive support.

We currently have students taking part in this programme across a range of sports: basketball, netball, football, golf, gymnastics, equestrian, swimming, triathlons, tennis, rugby and touch rugby.

Visit our Ignite! page here for more information.