The Greenhouse

Empowering the Next Generation of Changemakers: Welcome to The Greenhouse at Dulwich College (Singapore)  

In November 2023, Dulwich College (Singapore) proudly unveiled The Greenhouse, a net-zero energy, seven-storey educational building that provides a safe and inspiring space for our students to thrive.  

The Greenhouse boasts a 400-seat multi-purpose auditorium, a STEAM workshop, a professional teaching kitchen, film and media suites, three blackbox theatres, and a vast IB library and workspace for our pre-university students. Notably, the Greenhouse is also the first international school building in Singapore to be certified Green Mark Platinum Zero Energy by the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore. Through the adoption of industry leading innovations and sustainability features, The Greenhouse generates energy from renewable sources that equals or exceeds the total energy consumed annually.


Environmental sustainability and global citizenship are deeply embedded within Dulwich College (Singapore) community values and guiding statements. We encourage our students, parents and staff to consider the needs of the planet, and take action to improve the environment for all.  

The Greenhouse is a learning lab in itself: showcasing engineering systems and sustainability features that challenge students to learn about their environment. It is designed to remind students, staff, and visitors to think about energy consumption and their personal impact on the world around us. Kinetic tiles installed at the entrance allow people to watch how much energy they help generate just by movement. Living green pillars line the IB libraries; the STEAM workshop provides a space for hands-on experimentation and collaboration, allowing students to build prototypes from recycled items while being seated on furniture crafted from upcycled materials. A hydroponics system installed in the Working Kitchen will be used to grow several different plants and herbs for students to harvest and experiment with in making plant-based meals. Data from the Greenhouse will also be integrated within the Senior School curriculum. Students and teachers will have access to the building management data, which can be weaved into the curriculum for subjects such as maths, science, design technology and business studies: reminding us that working together to create a sustainable environment and solve global challenges is a joint responsibility. 


We hope that The Greenhouse will prepare our students for future development and opportunities in the sustainability field, no matter their area of interest. At Dulwich College (Singapore), we are not only teaching our students about global issues, but strive to make them aware of the local and global efforts being made to solve them. By engaging our students with these global issues and solutions early, we  provide them with the necessary skills to thrive in an ever-changing world and empower them to solve problems for a better future. We hope to inspire our students and the global community to Live Worldwise, and Live Sustainably.


“The Greenhouse is a pioneering education and experimental hub for our students. It is a centre to learn, research, experiment, and ultimately grow and empower the next generation of innovators, leaders, entrepreneurs and changemakers of tomorrow.”   

 - Nick Magnus, Head of College. 

The Greenhouse image
The Greenhouse
The Greenhouse image
The Greenhouse

We are pleased to announce the commencement of the concluding chapter in the Dulwich College (Singapore) phased building programme: The Greenhouse.