School Heritage

Our Heritage

Dulwich College (Singapore) was the seventh College to join the Dulwich family of schools. The close collaboration among our colleges stimulates innovation and encourages an international outlook, which we believe provides students an advantage in the future they will face. The result is a community where academic ability is nourished, creativity is valued, diversity is celebrated and inspiration is paramount.

We proudly celebrate our links to Dulwich College, founded 400 years ago, carrying on its tradition of excellence in all aspects of school life.

Our Traditions

Dulwich College (Singapore) is much more than a British school. It is an International school with British Independent school ethos and values, which draws upon 400 years of excellence and tradition from Dulwich College. Our traditions form part of our culture and are firmly embedded in all that we do.  

To this end, we celebrate the traditions of our families through a focus upon festivals such as Christmas and Chinese New Year. We observe events of global importance such as Remembrance Sunday, where the ultimate sacrifice made by over 800 Old Alleynians (Dulwich College alumni) through war and conflict is honoured and respected. Founder’s Day is an annual event on the calendar and a celebration of our links with Dulwich College and our sister schools around the World. It is our opportunity to enjoy everything that makes us Dulwich, and is always a day to remember.  

Every day we embody the best of the traditions of a good British Independent school through our pastoral structures, such as our house system and the opportunities that we provide for our young people to confidently articulate their thoughts and develop their leadership skills.

Pastoral Care

The system of pastoral care is highly developed at Dulwich College (Singapore). Every student is supported by a form tutor and the school’s pastoral team. All our students follow a Personal, Social and Health Education course appropriate to their age and coordinated across the year groups. Our Counselling Service is designed for the whole College community, and not just for students; our counsellor also welcomes staff, parents and whole families. 

Our Houses

Our House system is a key component of the College pastoral care structure. Many international school students experience a great deal of change in their lives. As their parents move from country to country, they make new friends and adapt to different cultures and school systems. We ensure that children are welcomed into the Dulwich community, that we know them well and that they are supported during their time at the College. Across the College our House system builds a sense of community within the student body and helps to develop students’ leadership and teamwork skills. Our House Captains are elected by their peers and together with the House Representatives are responsible for helping to foster a team spirit and instilling a sense of pride throughout the house. They also ensure new students joining the College are looked after and made to feel welcome within their form groups and Houses. Students regularly represent their Houses in a range of Inter-House Competitions linked to music, sports, drama, art and academic enrichment. In addition, House points are awarded for high quality work and positive contributions in the classroom, as well as for demonstrating our values around the College.

Student Leadership

Students have numerous opportunities to be involved in leadership positions across the College, where the emphasis is placed on serving the community. Our Student Council is made up of students from each year group, who learn to listen and work with one another, while voicing the views of their peers. On the recommendation of the Student Council, Action Groups have been set up focusing on specific areas of the school for improvement, such as community service and healthy eating. Our student leadership teams set a strong example to younger students and act as a point of contact for students throughout the College. They are considered ambassadors for the College, making presentations in assemblies and welcoming visitors.


Students from Reception to Year 11 wear the school uniform. School uniform isn't about conformity, but reflects a long-standing tradition from the founding school and is a badge of pride and school identity.