Board of Management

The Board of Management (BoM) for Dulwich College (Singapore) is led by the Board of Directors, who are registered as managers as prescribed under the PEI Act. The College Director of Business Administration is also registered as a manager under the PEI Act. The three members of the Board of Directors who oversee governance are Fraser White, Christian Guertler and David Yung. Together with its key leadership team, the BoM governs all College activities.  Its roles include setting College goals and targets with the Head of College, assessing progress and appraising the Head of College against goals and targets, and defining school policies and procedures.

The following people sit on the Board of Management:

  • Dulwich College International (DCI) CEO 
  • DCI CFO 
  • Global Director of Education, International 
  • Head of College 
  • College Director of Business Administration 
  • DCI Functional Directors

Board of Trustees

The primary function of the Board of Trustees is to act as an advisory body with an overview of the activities of the College. It makes recommendations to the Head of College and the Board of Management. The Board of Trustees does not function as a final decision-making body, except in cases of appeals of exclusions.

The following people sit on the Board of Trustees:

  • Three representatives from Dulwich College International (DCI)    
  • Four independent representatives, who serve a term of two years  
    • These are usually parents but may include loyal supporters 
    • The Chair and Vice Chair are elected from among these representatives   
  • One representative from Dulwich College in London  
  • The Head of College and the Director of Business Administration, both of whom are non-voting members

If you have any questions or are interested in a position on the Board of Trustees, please email [email protected]

College Leadership Team

The Dulwich College (Singapore) College Leadership Team members are

  • Nick Magnus – Head of College, Dulwich College (Singapore) 
  • Jacob Martin –  Deputy Head of College
  • Joanne Woodward – Head of DUCKS 
  • Nicholas Bevington – Head of Junior School
  • Melanie Ellis – Head of Senior School
  • Paola Morris – Director of Business Administration, and Bursar
  • Piers Matthews – Director of Admissions and Marketing
  • Leah Taylor - Director of Communications
  • Dan Brown – Director of Professional Learning & Development
  • Christopher Babbage – Director of ICT Systems and Infrastructure

Click here to view the College Leadership Team organisational chart

Academic and Examination Board Members

The Dulwich College (Singapore) Academic Board members are

Terms of Reference of the Academic Board

The role of the Academic Board is to ensure the academic quality and rigour of the courses at Dulwich College (Singapore).  Their responsibilities include:

  • Developing and reviewing the policies and procedures on all academic matters of Dulwich College (Singapore).
  • Ensuring that the content of the modules or subjects, duration of the course, entry and graduation requirements of the course are appropriate.
  • Approving the deployment of teachers based on the minimum qualifications and experience stipulated by the Council for Private Education and subject to other criteria prescribed in regulation 26 of the PEI Regulations 2009 on “Deployment of Teachers”.
  • Facilitating the implementation and compliance of approved policies and procedures.
  • Reviewing, at least once a year, the academic policies and procedures.

Data Protection Policy

Dulwich College (Singapore) Pte Ltd is committed to protecting your Personal Data and complying with the requirements under the Personal Data Protection Act 2012.

If you have any feedback, complaints, requests for correction and/or access of your Personal Data, or any queries relating to the use of your Personal Data, please write to:

DCSG Data Protection Officer
Dulwich College (Singapore) Pte Ltd
71 Bukit Batok West Avenue 8
Singapore 658966
Email: [email protected]

Health & Safety Policy

DCSG is committed to providing a safe, secure, and healthy working and learning environment for all staff, students, contractors, and visitors. 

At Dulwich College Singapore, we strive to create and sustain an incident-free workplace through the following strategies: 

  • Mitigating risks through the conduct of risk assessment and taking reasonably practicable measures. 
  • Building competencies of staff through training. 
  • Complying with the requirements of the Singapore legislation and relevant standards. 
  • Instilling ownership of occupational health and safety in stakeholders through communication, participation, and consultation; and 
  • Seeking continual improvement through regular review of Occupational Health and Safety performance. 

For more information regarding our commitment, please review our Health and Safety Policy.

College Structure

Registered Academic Departments