Congratulations to all our students on their exam results!

Today, we received confirmation of our 2021 I/GCSE results and we are delighted to report that they were, once again, outstanding. The percentage of A*/A grades this year was 80.4%, which is 2% more than the previous year, with 45 of our students obtaining A*/A grades or equivalent in all their subjects. The overall pass rate was 99.2% with 94.2% of grades awarded A* - B (or equivalent). This is testament to the great resilience of our Year 11 students, during this challenging year, with 40% of examinations sat in person and 60% based on school-assessed grades and moderated by the Examination Board with a range of evidence provided by the school. It is important to note that these results are consistent with those from previous years. Our percentage of A*/A grades in the last 3 years has been 77%, 75% and 78% respectively, and this is significant to us since it means that we can be confident that our assessment of our students' work has been valid, reliable and authentic. The academic integrity of these results is without question; our students can celebrate and feel fully deserving of the grades they have achieved.  

Our IB results, announced last month, were equally impressive. Our second graduating cohort of Year 13 students were able to sit all of their examinations in person and achieved an average IB score of 39.85 out of 45 points, which far exceeds the global average of 33.02. More than half (54%) of our students achieved a score of 40 points or above and two students were awarded a perfect 45-point score. Even more importantly, 100% of our students entered were awarded the full diploma, and all of them have secured their first choice of university at top institutions across the UK, Europe, North America, Australia and Singapore.  

These results were hard fought and reflect the dedication, perseverance and the talent of our students and teachers and we could not be more proud of their efforts. It’s wonderful to see our students reach their full potential and we look forward to the new academic year with great anticipation as we continue the journey from good to great. 

An infographic summing up the results of this year’s IB and I/GCSE results can be found below, or read more about it on our Academic Results page