Episode 3 | Living Worldwise: Life Beyond School – Dulwich College (Singapore)

At Dulwich College (Singapore), we pride ourselves on connecting the College with leaders of expertise from different industries to come and share their experiences with students. This week, our music students learned from Roo Pigott, an internationally renowned tech entrepreneur and music producer, as part of our Diversity Arts Programme, where he was able to share his expertise in music recording, producing and publishing. The Senior School students benefitted greatly from workshops that focused on compelling music composing, mixing and sampling, and the Year 6 students in Junior School had an introductory class to the genre 'Soundtrap'.  

Roo Pigott helms one of Southeast Asia's leading songwriting, music production and recording school, Songwork International, and is a co-owner and director of business development of music publishing and rights management company, Prolific Songs. He has 30 years of experience across the music industry under his belt and his companies have worked with high-profile musicians ranging from Pop Rock artists like Arctic Monkeys and John Mayer to legendary Rock and Roll band Radiohead and Limp Bizkit. His most recent company, Prolific Songs has had multiple #1 and top ten hits over the past few years with artists like Chris Brown, Nadia Rose, NCT127, and NAYEON, who's album was global #1 in July of this year. 

With such impressive accolades in his career, it is no surprise that the College was thrilled to have Roo work with our students again. Through his experience in designing a rich music enrichment programme while working with Songwork International, Roo brought to the table a tailored workshop based on the curriculum for each year group. During the workshops, our young artists focused on developing compositional and songwriting skills and how to apply these skill sets to their projects as they experimented with their personal styles of music. Roo has indeed sowed a pioneering spirit in our budding musicians, particularly the Year 12 students he had taught in previous years, who were excited to share that they had even kickstarted their own creative projects from the skills they had learnt. These student-led initiatives highlight how we implement the Dulwich Difference through the emphasis on creating personalised pathways in their learning.

We also had the pleasure of having Roo himself as a guest on the College podcast – Living Worldwise: Life Beyond School – where in this episode, he talks more about his journey to becoming a music producer, and he answers questions from our own student hosts who have set their sights on a career in the music industry. Listen to it here on Anchor / Spotify.

Beyond Dulwich, Roo also works with other international schools along with several colleges spanning across the UK, such as Goldsmith University and Royal Northern College of Music.