Students Come First – Helping our Senior School Students 'Graduate Worldwise’

‘Students come first’ is at the heart of everything we do at Dulwich College (Singapore). Our learning experiences are designed with the needs, talents and capabilities of our students aged 2 to 18 (Early Years to Year 13) as the focus. Our programme is rich, broad, balanced and structured as a series of personalised pathways that allow all our students to develop in any chosen area or remain all-rounders. These pathways allow students to thrive, shine in an area of interest, specialise if they wish to, or experience as broad a set of opportunities as possible.

In our Upper Senior School in Years 12 and 13, this ethos is especially significant with the plethora of offerings that genuinely support every student's passion and needs, equipping them with the skills to prepare them for life after school. The aim is to develop confident, thoughtful, and outward-looking young people who have a passion for learning and to enable them to lead fulfilling lives beyond Dulwich.

This ‘Student First, Personalised Pathways’ approach has resulted in our students gaining places at top universities worldwide, including The University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, University of Toronto, University of California, Berkeley, and National University of Singapore to pursue degrees in fields ranging from Computer Science to Medicine to Social Sciences. Admissions are also seen at renowned creative industries institutions like Polimoda, Italy – Fashion Design, Emerson College, Boston, Camberwell Art College, London, and BIMM UK for Electronic Music Production. Other universities in Europe include the prestigious EPFL and École Hôtelière de Lausanne (Switzerland), and the list continues.

Choosing Your Own Pathway – IBDP or IBCP

In Years 12 and 13, our students study the globally recognised and respected IB programme. This covers the choice of either the IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) or the IB Career-related Programme (IBCP), both of which teach students core life skills such as being open-minded, caring and principled, and developing curiosity through inquiry.

The IBDP at the College underpins and supports the core of the IB programme, developing intellectually, emotionally, ethical, and academically balanced individuals. The difference at Dulwich lies in the breadth of subject offerings that go beyond the norm. With choices in areas like Film Studies, Sports Exercise, and Health Sciences, etc., the needs of the individual student are supported.

The results achieved in the 2022 IBDP are a strong endorsement of our priority of empowering choices to meet each student’s goal. The College attained a phenomenal average point score of 38.9, with 48% of our students receiving a score of 40 or above.

The IBCP allows students to pursue their passions by combining a theoretical foundation in their chosen field with the necessary professional skills they learn by putting this academic understanding into practice. This prepares them thoroughly for their career of choice.

The IBCP offered at Dulwich has a substantial selection of six career-related pathways that include business and sustainability; performance and production arts; creative practice: art, design and communication; sports; engineering; and digital technology. This ensures that we give our students the breadth of choice in specialist subjects and provide them with the future skills they need for the rapidly evolving workplace.

Charlotte Martin, our IBCP Coordinator, had this to share about the IBCP offered at Dulwich:

“The IBCP is dedicated to students with a real passion for a particular career, and true to our ethos at Dulwich College (Singapore), we are committed to personalised learning pathways, enabling success for all our students at their university of choice. This is why we offer our students a choice of six different subject areas, to enable them to integrate academic studies with real-world learning and that which they are already passionate about. This will allow them to develop professional skills in their choice of specialisation.”

University Counselling and Career Programme (UCC)

97% of our students achieved offers to their first-choice university in 2022. This compelling student-university alignment is made possible because of our personalised approach. UCC counsellors guide our students from Year 8 to Year 13 by offering career assessments to help them explore further strengths, interests, and career clusters, research for their best-fit further education institutions, career matching and help with university applications globally.

Our UCC programme includes careers workshops, exploring the world of work, personality profiling, subject option choice, and regular exposure to university admissions tutors, taster lectures and events. Our students optimise this opportunity by researching their “best fit” university, values, curriculum, environment, etc. Ensuring that the foundations of self-confidence and self-awareness are built from an early stage ensures that our students can realise their dreams and leave Dulwich university-ready.


The Ignite! Exceptional Performance Development Programme caters to all Senior School students, who are committed to a career in the performing arts, music, or sport or who wish to maximise their potential and to see possibilities within their reach. The selected students receive mentoring and skills development, working with industry practitioners, Ignite! helps students follow their own individual pathway to develop their skills, shape their goals and achieve their career potential.

Alleynian Scholarships

The Dulwich College (Singapore) Alleynian Scholarship Programme is committed to supporting any child who demonstrates academic excellence no matter the economic circumstances. Scholarships are means-tested and open to applicants of all backgrounds and nationalities who meet the requirements for entry into the College. Students are selected on both academic and extra-curricular achievement and potential. We believe that a socially diverse student population is a critical component of an international and balanced education.

Boarding Facilities to further enrich school life

IB students have the option of taking residence at our boarding facility, a partnership with the very well-established student residence provider, ACS Oldham Hall. Our boarding facilities ensure a “Home Away from Home” for students who choose to reside in an independent

arrangement. We know that students learn and thrive where they feel safe and secure. ACS Oldham Hall provides our students with an environment that encourages them to become autonomous, well-rounded, and confident and gives them a supportive working environment they need to achieve academic success.


Please visit the Senior School page for further information on our IB programmes or contact our Admissions Team at +65 6890 1003 /