The Inside Story


In this series, five of our Heads of Departments in Senior School each take you behind the scenes. Learn about what is most important to them when teaching, gain an overview of each department’s curriculum as it evolves from Years 7 and 8, into our three-year IGCSE and finally the IB programme, as well as the importance of preparing all our students to Graduate Worldwise.

Individuals and Societies

Head of Individuals and Societies, Stuart Clayton, shares how the range of subjects offered in his department can open so many doors to students upon graduating, and why student voice is considered so important at Dulwich College (Singapore).


Head of Science, Helen Evans, shares why a strong foundation in science is so important for all students no matter what path they take upon graduating, along with the satisfaction she takes from being part of their journey to get there.


Head of Mathematics, Chris Savvides, explains how wanting to instil a passion for maths within students led him to pursue a career in teaching, and how he works with his department to ensure maths is engaging for learners at all levels in the Senior School.

Modern Languages

Head of Modern Languages, Charles Claxton, discusses how Dulwich College (Singapore) offers numerous language choices to students across multiple pathways, ensuring there are engaging learning opportunities along with a strong support programme.


Head of English, Ruth Taaffe, talks about the importance of creating thoughtful and analytical young readers, who can take these interpretive skills learned within an English classroom into their adult lives.