Mandarin Baseline Assessment

For students joining Year 7, 8 and those selecting Mandarin as an IGCSE option in Years 9-11, please choose ONE appropriate assessment paper from the following Dulwich Mandarin pathways:

  • Mandarin as a Native Language- MNL (if your child’s native language is Mandarin Chinese and/or your child is born and educated in a Chinese-speaking country);
  • Mandarin as a Second Language- MSL (if your child has Chinese heritage or a parent is from a Chinese-speaking country and/or your child speaks Mandarin at home);
  • Mandarin as a Foreign Language- MFL (if your child has studied Mandarin Chinese before and the above 2 points do not apply)

Please note that in order to study IGCSE from Year 9, your child must have some prior Mandarin learning beforehand. In other words, we are unable to accept students who would like to start learning Mandarin in Year 9 from the beginning.

Kindly request your child to download the chosen assessment paper below and complete it (hand written) in a quiet room (no more than 30 minutes) and then scan the finished papers to:

Please inform the Admissions team if your child is a complete beginner of Mandarin. In this case, there is no need to complete any of the papers below.