Dulwich College (Singapore) commits to 100% carbon neutral electricity

Dulwich College (Singapore) is the first educational institution in Singapore to commit to 100% carbon neutral electricity by offsetting carbon emissions equivalent to planting more than 35,000 trees. The United Nation certified carbon credits will offset electricity emissions which help fund additional global renewable projects such as wind farms and solar projects. Not only will this bring about the environment sustainability by reducing the College’s carbon footprint, it will also raise awareness about this important cause.

Carbon awareness will also be incorporated into part of the curriculum at the College. Students can look forward to environmental co-curricular activities and demonstrate a conscious effort towards making Singapore more sustainable. “We believe in creating a sustainable and low carbon global community. By choosing to procure 100% carbon neutral electricity until the end of 2020, we are not only supporting renewable projects such as wind farms but also setting an example for our 2000 students. This initiative will filter down through to the next generation and help in the education and promotion of sustainable initiatives.” Headmaster, Nick Magnus shares.