Dulwich College (Singapore) Announces IGCSE Results

Dulwich College (Singapore) is delighted to announce the IGCSE results for the 2018/2019 academic year and could not be more proud of students:

  • 75% of students received an A*/A (or equivalent)
  • 705 individual examinations were sat in total
  • 90% of grades were A* to B (or equivalent)
  • 99% of grades were A* to C (or equivalent)
  • 30% of students secured ten A*/A grades (or equivalent)
  • 61% of students secured eight or more A*/A grades (or equivalent)

Whilst the focus is often on those students who received A*s, the College was incredibly proud of the achievements of all students and particularly those who performed superbly, securing A and B grades where Cs and Ds were predicted. As a year group, the students' achievements were above and beyond the College's expectations. 

Dulwich College (Singapore) runs a successful three-year IGCSE programme which allows the time to negotiate students through the syllabus in a less rushed or pressured time frame. It allows the College to teach beyond the curriculum whilst giving the flexibility to explore deeper and broader learning and it encourages greater understanding and knowledge which will benefit students in the future, through the IB Diploma Programme and beyond.  

To book a tour and learn more about the three-year IGCSE programme, click here.