Library Resources

Dulwich has three libraries which serve as the much-loved hub of each school – a favourite place for students, staff and parents to immerse themselves in reading, research and learning. Each library is custom-built with different resources and a unique design to suit the ages of the students it serves, with a mission to inspire, develop and foster a passion for reading. Collectively the three libraries hold more than 45,000 titles, but in the 21st century libraries are no longer just the ‘keepers of books’ and they have embraced digital resources that can be accessed 24/7. Each library is staffed by a qualified teacher librarian, library assistants and student and parent volunteers. In the knowledge that students come to reading with different challenges and experiences, the staff collaborate with teachers to run different events and challenges over the course of the year to extend and develop students’ reading. The teacher librarians also deliver a curriculum that embraces information literacy skills, which includes educating our students to be academically honest and information-savvy when researching.