Adam Moorman photo

Adam Moorman

Mandarin Teacher, Year 9S Form Tutor


  • Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Portuguese (Honours), University of Southampton, UK
  • Master of Arts in Asia Pacific Studies, University of Leeds, UK
  • HSK Levels 5, 6, Hanban, China


Relevant Experience

Adam joined Dulwich College (Singapore) in August 2018.  He spent 8 years teaching English in China, working in Taipei, Guizhou Province (as a VSO volunteer) and Xi’an. Adam returned to the UK in 2013, and began working as a teacher of Mandarin and Spanish at Fortismere School, one of the UK’s leading comprehensive schools. He has taught both Mandarin and Spanish across Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 5, led trips to China and Spain, and has also worked on the UK government’s Mandarin Excellence Programme.

Adam has combined his love of music and language learning in a resource for both Mandarin learners and teachers called the ‘Mandarin Rap Podcast’.

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